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Dear Retailer,

Ruger is proud to partner with Sports South for the 2017 Ruger Rapid Retail Rewards ("4R") Program℠.

The 4R Program is the industry's premier retailer incentive program that rewards hard working retail sales representatives who sell Ruger® Firearms. Participation in the 4R Program earns sales representatives points toward redeeming free Ruger® reward products.

Here are the 2017 program highlights:

4R Reward Firearms: There are now over 50 reward firearms to choose from for redemption!

4R Reward Accessories: We are continuing to offer some of our high-demand Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessories for redemption.

Rapid Redemption: We are always working hard to keep our redemption process as rapid as possible to get participants what they've earned without the wait!

Digital Upload: Participants can upload their redemption documents online for simpler redemption of their 4R Program points.

As a special thank you for being an Sports South customer, Ruger would like to offer your salespeople a one time, 10-Point Distributor Coupon Code for participating in the 4R Program this year. Have each sales representative visit today to learn more, sign-up and start earning their free reward products. Once they create a new or verify their existing account, they can enter Distributor Coupon Code: ddc786071 on the "My Points" page to collect their bonus 10-points. Only one Distributor Coupon Code can be used per participant. This Distributor Coupon Code is only valid for a redemption generated online during the 2017 program year.

Your Ruger Sales Team